Double knockout

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 The fights in martial arts end up by several ways: points difference, knock down, knock outs, submission in wrestling styles or MMA competitions, or by draw.

In our article today we are going to talk about the knockout.

The knockouts happen mostly in full contact fights in several martial arts.

Boxing is one of the fighting styles that kept its tradition and we do not notice any big changes on the style or even the rules.

Boxing a pure full contact fighting style in both professional level or amateur competitions.

The double knock out is very rare in martial arts competitions and it does not happen a lot, it happens when the two fighters attack each other at the same time and cause the knockout of each other.

The special thing in this boxing fight is that the double knockout did not happen by punching each other, but the knockout caused by their head clash. It seems that it was a real knockout because they were not moving when they fell down, and after about 20 seconds the red corner tried to stand up but he did not manage to :(

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  1. The referee should execute the mandatory count at the same time examining the status of both boxer, in this case the referee is right to declare it double knockout for the reason that the headbutt is unintentional. Immediate medical attention should be called for the two.