1 second Taekwondo knockout

11:46:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

We thought that knockout are gone for good, but we are surprised to find a new fight that ended up by a knockout in a championships held February 2020.

This video was posted by someone on YouTube and we are not sure if he is a professional fighter or just an amateur.

The fight was in a championship held only a short time before everything has shut down in the United States or other countries in the world.

After a short time the corona virus invaded every country in the world, and all the championships were cancelled or postponed.

In Taekwondo nowadays we never expect fights to end up by knockouts or knock downs because Taekwondo sparring has changed a lot, and we all can see that in the tournaments and championships.

the fight here ended up before starting and t took only one kick in one second, which is a great record.

The kick was a perfect fast roundhouse kick to the face which left no chance for the red corner.

Please if you have any videos recording new knockouts, feel free to share them with us.