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The guest of our article today is another famous martial artist actor that appeared in two of Bruce Lee movies, and who has high degrees in several martial arts, and a student of notable grand masters.

Robert Alan Bob Wall is an American martial artist and actor, born August 22, 1939 in California.

He appeared in two movies with the iconic Bruce Lee, the first time was in 1972 in the film Way of the dragon as Bob, and the second time in the film Enter the dragon in 1973 as O'Harra, where he did one of the most impressive martial arts scenes in Cinema, and we all remember that scene when he was facing Bruce Lee, and before the fight he broke that piece of wood and Bruce Lee replied: ''the wood don't hit back''.

Bob Wall also starred in the incomplete film of Bruce Lee  Game of the death in 1978.

Bob Wall worked in other 12 films and the last one he did was in this year 2020 (Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption).

Bob wall did several martial arts including Judo under Gene Lebell, Shorin Ryo under Joe Lewis, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Machado brothers, and he holds 8th Dan black belt in Kyokushin Budokai.

Most fans do not know that Bob was also trained a Taekwondo Kwan named Tang Soo Do (founded by GM Hwang Kee), and he is holding a very high rank.

Bob wall is actually a 9th Dan Tang Soo Do grand master.

Grand master Bob wall had a conflict with the other famous actor Steven Seagal because the Aikido actor did few interviews and talked about Bruce Lee and other American martial artists and he claimed he would fight to death anyone who thinks he can defeat :). Steven Seagal is another topic that we had in previous posts, and we may come back to him in the future articles.

Stay tuned :)

Here is the fumous scene between Bruce Lee and Bob Wall (O'Hara)

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  1. He received an 8th dan ITF grade the same time as Chuck Norris.