Why the founder of Song Moo Kwan wasn't greeted the way he deserved??

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Great grand master Ro Byung Jick was born July 3, 1919 in Korea, and at the age of 17 he went to study in Japan, and in the same year of his arrival to Japan he started training Shotokan Karate under the Great Grand master Gichin Funakoshi who is the father of the modern Karate. 

After 7 years of training he was promoted to the 4th Dan in Karate which was the highest rank at the time in Japan.

In 1944 GM Ro returned to Korea and opened his first Gongsoodo/Taekwondo school in Korea.

GM Ro had many positions in Taekwondo organisation including being the President of the Korean Taekwondo Association from 1966 to 1967.

Great GM Ro Byung Jick has done a lot to develop Taekwondo since the year he founded Song Moo Kwan Kong Soo Do (1944), and his Kwan was one of the original Kwans that formed Taekwondo we know today, Some kwans kept the traditional exercises and forms (Poomsaes) while others were absorbed by the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.

GM Ro Byung Jick returned to his mother land after so many years at the age of 95 years, and the sad thing is that he did not get the welcome back he really deserves, and he was greeted only by few number of his students. At that time i remember that one of his family posted something on Facebook about that, and removed the post so soon.

It is true that He received the highest order from the President of the Republic of Korea later during the grand opening ceremony of the Taekwondowon, but there we do think that was not enough.

A VIP grand master like him should feel the real greeting since the airport, a greeting that should be official, because this man was one of the pillars that created the form of Taekwondo we practice today.

About one year after his arrival to Korea, GM Ro Byung Jick passed in 2015 at the age of 96 years old.

The question is why the Korean Taekwodo society did not give enough importance to the comeback of Grand Master Ro Byung Jick?

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