Darren Shahlavi vs Donnie Yen (Ip Man)

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Darren Shahlavi the forgotten twister
                                                              Picture from the YouTube Video
In today's article we will talk about a forgotten martial artist and actor who had good  roles in many successful movies, and we do think that he deserves some credit.
Darren Shahlavi was a talented English martial artist, stuntman and actor, He was born 5 August 1972 and originally from Iran. He was known for his major role in Ip man 2 movie with Donnie Yen in 2010, He did the role of the British boxer named The Twister, and all Ip Man remember his big role to make the movie more interesting.  
The Twister was a strong muscled boxer and was good at showing how an arrogant can be.
The Twister made fun of the traditional Chinese martial arts and wanted to prove that they are useless. He did beat some Kung Fu students and later he killed a master on the ring, and after that Ip man (Donnie Yen) challenged him for a fight. at the end of the movie Ip Man succeeded to knock him out and saving the honor of the Chinese traditional martial arts.
He worked in many other films (38) and he work in television too (19).
Shahlavi passed a way in his sleep at the age of 42 years old from a heart attack on 14 January 2015.
It is a bit strange that we have not seen much news about his death even though he had some nice roles that made movies looked better.
Even if there were some rumours that Shahlavi was overdosed on prescription drugs, but he died of natural causes: a sudden and fatal heart attack and he had no drugs or medications in his body, and only 0.02% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).
This article is a small tribute to this actor who did great movies and deserved  our respect.
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