Jumping side kick (Twio/Timio Yop Chagi)

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The big famous question that we always ask is if the traditional martial arts can be effective or not, and if we should use some techniques and leave others?

With the birth of the mixed martial arts competition, some fighting traditional styles were exposed and there are some opinions that believe that those martial arts are useless in a real fight or in the mma competition.

We can see many challenges between different styles and each one try to prove their style is better and stronger.

We are entertained when we sometimes watch some traditional techniques used in the mixed martial arts competition, It remind us of some movies that we were watching in eighties or nineties.

We came across this mma fight between fabricio Werdum against Travis Browne that was held September 2016 in Ohio, USA.

Fabricio Wedum martial arts background is Jujitsu and Judo, which are wrestling styles, but we can see him in this fight performing a very impressive jump side kick that we call ''Twio Yop chagi'' in Taekwondo.

Fabricio succeeded to hit the head of Travis by using this spectacular kick, maybe he was not expecting to be kicked that way :)

This fight was not easy for both fighters and Travis is also a good kicker and puncher, and he succeeded in many occasions to hit Fabricio.

Let's watch this kick in slow motion.