Chadwick Bosemans training martial arts for the Black Panther

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The Black Panther (Wakanda)

The world was shocked this week by loosing one of the most loved actors in Cinema.

He never spoke about his sickness in public, he kept that secret for him, he even did movies while he was sick, he was a warrior.

He looked thinner lately any people made fun of him, thinking that he was preparing for a new movie, but the truth is that he was sick :(

Chadwick Bosemans was a great talent in cinema, well known for his leading role in the movie black Panther.

He worked in many other successful films including Captain America: Civil War, Gods of Egypt, Avengers... and also worked in 15 television episodes.

Chadwick Bosemans passed away at the age of 43 years old August 28, 2020.

We came a cross a small footage of Chadwick Bosemans training some martial arts fighting drills, when he was preparing for his role in the Black Panther movie, and we thought to share it with you.