Taekwondo fighter Knocked down in less than 6 seconds

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Taekwondo vs kick boxing knock out.

We should remind you that posting articles about fights between different styles do not mean to compare between them or prove than one is better than another.

This is a fight between a Taekwondo black belt and former Taekwondo athlete against a kick boxer fighter.

Yong Soo Park is representing Taekwondo while Chi Lewis Marry represent kickboxing.

The Korean Taekwondo fighter was born in 1981 in Seoul Korea (198 cm, 116 kg), His main martial art is Taekwondo but also does kickboxing, he had few fights in kickboxing events and we can say that his career was not very successful. Park Yong Soo had a record of 13 fights, he only won 4 fights (3 by knockout) and lost 9 fights and 8 of them was by knockout.

His opponent Chi Lewis Parry is a British heavy weight professional fighter, born in 1983 (206 cm, 112 kg).

He did 5 fights in kickboxing, he won 4 fights and lost one. and he also has a record in mma competition.

Now let's go back to our main event.

This fight could be a shameful one for Taekwondo family, because the Korean fighter was on the ground in a very short time.

When the fight started Park managed to do only two kicks, then Chi Lewis succeeded to knock him down by 6 punches in less than 6 seconds.

I do not have a real comment on this fight except that Park Yong Soo was not ready for this fight, and even his two kicks were not effective.

If we compare between the two fighters we can see clearly that the British fighter is fit and shredded compared to Park Yong Soo.

feel free to share your opinions with us and tell us your thoughts about Taekwondo athletes who compete against other styles or another different competitions.