The truth about Brandon Bruce Lee's death in the scene and the actor who pulled the trigger

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Was it a coincidence that Brandon Lee and his father Bruce lee die to young?

The martial arts icon Bruce Lee passed away at the age of 32 years old in 1973. After twenty years from his death another tragedy hit Lee's family by loosing another member at a young age.

Brandon had what was needed to make him a Hollywood star, he was a martial artist, a good looking man, nice actor and also the son of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee.  

He started his career in filming too young at the age of 20, and was active between 1985 till his death in 1993.

The tragic accident happened when Brandon Lee was filming his movie the Crow.

The Crow was an action movie where actors were using guns, and of course in this kind of movies they hire technicians who take care of the gun use and explosion in the movie, in order to make scenes look real for the audience and also make the filming safe for the actors and stunts.

But in this movie things went wrong, and the man they hired for this job did not do his job.

This man did not clean the guns used in the film for several weeks, and failed to do the technical work needed to make the weapons use fake bullets or something like that.

The actor who pulled the trigger and Bradon Lee in the filming was Michael Masse. 

They took Brandon to Hospital in North California and attempted to save him, but after few hours of a surgery he was pronounced dead March 31, 1993.

The autopsy showed that The fragment went through his abdomen and reach his spine. 

Brandon Lee was only 28 years old when he was away because of the negligence 😑

His mother Linda Lee Sue the production company and the technician who did that mistake that caused the death of Brandon Lee never worked in cinema again. 

That was a sad story but this is life.

Here is a video talking more about this topic.

Here is the scene where Brandon Lee was shot