One of the best fights I've ever seen

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In my personal opinion this is one of the most impressive fights in the mixed martial arts competition.

This fight was held in Rio De Janero February 10, 2019 between Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva.

The special thing in this fight is the age difference of 14 years between these two great fighters. This age difference could seem fine if the older fighter was in his thirties for example, but in this fight Anderson Silva was aged of 44 years old. Most fights that have age difference between fighters end up by knock outs and knock downs, simply because the young fighters can be stronger and faster, this rule was broken in this fight.

Let's introduce both fighters to you.

Adesanya was born July 22, 1989 in Nigeria (New Zealand nationality)  and in 2001 his family moved Ghana and lived there for a short time before moving to New Zealand because Adesanya parents wanted their kids to have a good education, which unfortunately can not be achieved in many countries in the world.

Anderson was born April 14, 1975 in Brazil (American nationality) 

The two fighters have very impressive records in fighting competitions.

Anderson had 2 fights in professional boxing (one win and one loss), 45 fights (34 wins, 10 losses, and one no contests)

Adesanya also had 6 fights in professional boxing (5 wins and one loss), 80 fights in kickboxing (75 wins and 5 losses), and his record in mixed martial arts is 19 fights and won all of them.

The hard part in MMA fights is that each round is 5 mins, which requires a good stamina to keep going.

This fight here was three rounds of 5 minutes each, and we can see clearly that both fighters were well prepared for this fight.

There is one more amazing thing about this fight that is not happening in most MMA fight, which was fighting with two feet on the ground :)

In these 15 minutes fight we have not seen any ground wrestling, and all the fight was punching and kicking and no wasted time.

We sometimes watch Anderson do some wing Chun moves which entertain the audience, but the worst thing ever he does is when he let his opponents punch him on the face, He regretted  once when one of his opponents knocked him out.

One more great thing about this fight is the way it ended, we saw both fighters showing respect to each other, which gives a good image to martial arts in general.

In the other hand Adesanya is also a good entertainer in the mixed martial arts competition, and we can see that in all his fights including this one.

Lets watch.