Germaine De Randamie knocks out a man

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Embarrassed and knocked out by Geramine De Randamie

It is quite embarrassing for men to be beaten by a woman, and it does not really matter if that female was a great champion or not, and also it does not matter if the man is not a real fighter.

Everyone would agree that men are stronger than women by nature, but it does not mean that this rule can not be broken sometimes :)

Being devoted to serious training and following a good life style can make a real female warrior.

Nowadays we can see many female fighters who did reach high levels in fighting, and they can be good challenging training partners for male champions.

Germaine De Randamie is one of those impressive ladies who have very interesting fighting skills.

lets talk about her experience as a fighter and what she has achieved.

Germaine De Randamie was born April 24, 1984 in Netherlands, her other nickname is The Iron Lady which is a deserved one.

Germaine has an impressive fighting record in Kickboxing of 46 fights, she won all of them and 30 by knock out.

Also in the mixed martial arts competition, she did 13 fights, she won 9 including 4 knock outs and 5 by decision, while she lost 4 fights, one by knock out, one by submission and 2 by decision.

A Belgium TV program called Tomtesterom organized this fight between Tom Waes (presenter) and Germaine De Randamie.

Tom trained boxing and lived the life style of boxer just to be ready for this fight, He did a good job in this fight but the poor Tom can not mess a lot with the Iron Lady Jermaine who knocked him out in the ring.

Let's watch the fight and feel to share your opinions and thoughts with us.