Tai Chi fighter knocking out a Kickboxer

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 Finally  Tai chi fighter is winning a fight :) 

Lately we have posted about a Chinese mma fighter who consider himself in a mission to expose the traditional martial arts in China, such as TaiChi, Wing Chun and several arts that were founded hundreds of years ago.

That mma fighter pissed off the Chinese Kung Fu organization because they feel kind of insulted when a master get destroyed in few seconds or minutes by a fighter who adopts a western style of fighting.

The purpose of our article today is completely the opposite, It is about a Tai Chi practitioner who seems to be going a good job in his fights against other styles.

Han Feiong is practicing traditional Chinese martial arts especially Tai Chi, and he already won four fights in the EM Legend fights.

Han Feilong representing China fought against a fighter from Iran called Gonzales :) that is strange, this name looks more Latino than Iranian :)

The Chinese fighter Han succeeded to knock down the Iranian Gonzales who is a kick boxing practitioner.

In the beginning of the video we have seen that Han was doing some beautiful Tai Chi techniques, but once he stepped in the ring we have seen something else, and anyone watching this fight would see nothing related to the traditional martial art Tai Chi, He even did not use a single move from his style, all what we can see is Kickboxing and some Karate/Taekwondo kicks.

I do believe that we can not promote our martial art by using another style, It is exactly what Han did in his fights, He was promoting Tai Chi by using other styles in his fights, this has one meaning, which is that he does not trust his style techniques, and he does not think they can be effective in this kind of fights.