Ip man was not the only master of Bruce Lee

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Many people only know that Bruce Lee had only one master, the famous grand master Ip Man who was teaching Chinese Wing Chun in Hong kong.

The fact is that there is someone else who had helped Bruce lee, that man was Wong Shun Leung.

Wong Shun Leung started the training under the great grand master Ip man and later he was assisting Ip Man in teaching students including the legendary Bruce Lee.

Ip man once told to Wong Shun that Bruce lee would not have reached that superstardom without his encouragement and guidance. This gives much credit to Wong about everything he did to Bruce Lee including teaching him, and by the way Wong is only 5 years older than Bruce Lee.

 Bruce Lee sent a letter to Wong Shun Leung in 1970 admitting his help and giving him some credits, and they say that Wong was carrying that letter in his wallet.

Who would not be proud if their students reach high level in martial arts, and especially if they give you credit about what you did for them. It is sad that many students forget their masters as if they had a self training :(

This is a part of the letter that Bruce lee wrote to Wong Shun Leung, and in that letter he told him about family and future projects in cinema and also the training in the united states, but the important part to share with you in this article is giving him some credit:

 I thank you and Master for teaching me the ways of Wing Chun in Hong Kong. Actually, I have to thank you for leading me to walk on a practical road. Especially in the States, there are western boxers, I often practice with them too. There are many so-called masters in Wing Chun here, I really hope that they will not be so arrogant as to fight with those western boxers.