cocky against holm and knocked out

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Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia
It is important for fighters to have enough self confidence when they fight, because the skill and the training would not be enough to win a fight, and every fighter should believe in their capabilities.
Sometimes the fighters can show over self confidence to fake their superiority over their opponents, and it happens that they react as if they were not in a fight, therefore, they lose their concentration which can make them regret it quickly.
Too much self confidence can be seen in fights where there is a big gap between the level of the two fighters, and most of the time the strongest fighter can behave that way, but the opposite happened in the fight we have in this article.
The fight we want to talk about in this article was between Holly Holm and Bethe Correia.
Holly Holm was born October 17, 1981 in New Mexico (USA), She is several martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, wrestling and BJJ.
Holly Holm has a very impressive record of fights in different competitions (78 fights).
She has a professional boxing record of 38 fights, 33 wins (9 by knockout), 2 losses by knockout, and 3 draws.
In Kickboxing he did 22 fights, 14 wins, one loss by knockout and 7 draws.
In Mixed martial arts she did 18 fights, 13 wins (8 by knockouts and 5 by decision), 5 losses (one by knockout, one by submission and three by decision).
Bethe Correia is a Brazilian born June 22, 1983, and she is doing Sanda, Kung Fu, Boxing, BJJ and wrestling.
She did 17 fights in MMA, she won 11 fights (2 by knockout and 9 by decision), 5 losses (2 by knockout, 1 by submission, 2 by decision, and one draw).
The two fighters met inside the octagon June 17, 2017 in Singapore.
Two good rounds was done, and they started the third round and Bethe Correia started called Holm and inviting her to fight and that invitation was accepted few seconds later and she was knocked out by a strong roundhouse kick.  
Holly tricked her by faking a low kick then moving it to the head which knocked her out.
Do not mess with Holm :)