A super cocky fighter knocked out in 9 seconds

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A super cocky fighter knocked out in 9 seconds

The behavior is what makes us loved by people in general, and the manner can have a very big effect on the popularity of a person, a good behavior can make the athlete popular in a good way, while the bad behavior makes the athlete popular in a negative way.

Those athletes who behave badly against their opponents or against public should expect many people waiting for them to fail as soon as possible.

We came a cross this funny video of a mixed martial art fight, and this fighter was behaving as if he was the most dominant fighter in this competition, the way he entered was just too much :)

We also can see some girls there making his ego going too high.

This guy name is Jason R Solomon and age of 29 years old and doing free style, while his opponent is 23 years old and named Amitesh Chabey and doing boxing.

Amitesh was very calm during all this time, and anyone watching this would think that this cocky Jason would just destroy Amish, but the opposite just happened in the first 5 seconds when Jason got a punch to head and fell down and followed by few punches while he was on the ground :)

The calm Amish just destroyed him in 9 seconds.

This is a good lesson for this cocky fighter :) we just hope he did learn something from it.