Donnie Yen's mother, Grand master Bow- Sim Mark

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Donnie Yen is a well known martial arts actor, and following the steps of other Chinese actors who  who had a successful career, Donnie became known in all the world, especially with his movie Ip Man when he did the role of the master of Bruce lee.

Today's article is not about the star Donnie Yen, but his mother :)

What most of you do not know is that Donnie's mother is a Martial arts grand master, yes and it is not a joke :)

Donnie's mom is Bow- Sim Mark, She is a Kung Fu grand master and her specialty is in Tai chi chuan and Northern Shaolin.

Grand master Bow was born 1942 in Guangzhoo (China) in 1942 (Her age now is 78 years old), She had two kids, Donnie Yen (son) and Chris Yen (Daughter).

She emigrated  to the United States in 1975 and at the time Donnie Yen was only 12 years old, one year later She founded the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in July 1976.

Grand master Bow- Sim Mark competed at the first International Tournament of T'ai chi ch'uan in Wuhan City in 1984 and she won a gold medal.

We were surprised to find a small footage of her performing in 1984 and even if the quality of the video was not good but we can see her moves and skill.

In this video you will also see her daughter (Donnie's sister) performing a form (Tao), and who was 10 years old at the time.


  1. No wonder because I love to watch mother and son movies, waow like mother Like son

  2. Fantastic! There are a lot of great martial artists among women too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. She would eat ip man's lunch & bully him after school