A 68 years old granny knocked out by a 24 fighter in MMA

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 Our article today would be about an event that most of you would see as the weirdest or strange in the mixed martial arts competition.
Some would accept the idea and many will not like it at all.
The story is about the oldest MMA female fighter ever to step up on the octagon. Her name is  Ann Perez de Tejada and her age is 68 years old/ Young :)
She hold the fourth degree black belt in Karate, and she has some experience in Muay Thai and she is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Ann did her MMA debut on an Amateur card event in Colorado, and her opponent was Laura Dettman who was 24 years old.
Look at this insane age difference here between the two -_- 44 years of difference of more than crazy.
Laura did 4 fights before meeting Ann at the octagon, (2 wins and 2 losses).
The fight was held February 20, 2016 and the weight of both competitors was 52 kg.
Ann Perez De Tejada is a fit lady and great compared to women her age or even younger, and even many people believe that age is just a number, but it sounds crazy to trust that quote and jump to the mixed martial arts competition. Age is a number that really counts in this case, because the MMA is a dangerous competition even for young people.
Well, this fight started between the two competitors, and it did not take really much time, and Laura Dettman succeeded to knockout Ann Perez De Tejada in one minute and 24 seconds during the first round.
We are wondering how would they allow a woman at that age join an MMA competition? This could be even life threatening for her especially that she competed against a young girl of 24 years old.
We could probably accept the idea if the competition was between the same age category, but this difference of 44 years is just too much.
We do remember that Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace were refused a boxing license because of their age (Joe/46 YO and Bill/45 YO), and they were extremely fit and great at the time.
Let's watch this fight and feel free to share your opinions with us.