Chintya Candranaya and her master were challenged but they did not show up

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The truth about the super woman and her grand master.

The guest of our article today is a very famous person on YouTube and who has a big number of subscribers who are following her videos.

She is a talented martial artist and his skill has to be respected for sure. Her videos get a lot of views and her channel is over one million of followers.

Until here everything seems normal and fine :) but we honestly have one small point to talk about.

Chintya Candranaya is practicing the Indonesian traditional martial art named Pencak Silat, and she is good at using weapons too.

Everyone watching her video would wonder if it is possible that she has all those skills and if her body is that solid, her demonstrations show her using her legs to kick concrete cement or even metal sometimes, she does finger push ups, impressive fast movements... 

Some of her shows can be realistic and possible to believe, but some stuff she was demonstrating in her videos were just almost impossible.

Lately she has posted a video where she was dodging bullets (the front and back), and this is beyond normal and logic, In this video she is trying to say that she is faster than someone who pull a trigger :), She also did some self defenses against someone holding a gun.

Ramsey Dewey talking about this part in this video.

The other part is that few martial  artists set up a challenge for Chintya and her ''grand master'' who claimed he beat up 200 hundred people haha :)

They accepted the challenge and they agreed about the place and time where to meet. The martial artists arrived at the place and were surprised that Cinthya and her master did not show up, and they sen their lawyers.

There are few challenges proposed for Chintya:

  • Crush a stone and a Durian in front of an audience
  • Push up and hand stand with one finger in front of an audience
  • Kick a corner of a concrete pillar until it shatters in front of an audience
  • Cut a carrot on a pole with the mystic golok in front of an audience
  • Sparring (If they accept).

The only explanation of accepting a challenge then not showing up means that they are both fake.