Can muscles save you in front of a professional boxer?

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This guy here could be enjoying being beaten all the time. Last time we have posted an article about him with a Brazilian Jujitsu master and a female student, and the video showed that he was beaten up and slapped.

We found out that he did two videos in the Bjj school, and he did the same thing and having a fight with the master twice, in one fight the bjj instructor was wearing a blue kimono, while he was wearing a black kimono in the second video, and he also had the fight with that girl who put him to sleep.
These videos were stages for sure, and it could be for two goals:
- fist one is to advertise for the Brazilian jujitsu as an efficient fighting/wrestling style.
- Second is to promote this bodybuilding YouTube channel.
The only fact maybe in these videos was that the beating and slapping were real, and it would be hurting for sure.
We wonder how would a man put himself in such a situation!
 There is another video where he challenged a professional boxer named Allan green, and was beaten till he started bleeding from his nose, then he stood up again to fight, but it took only few seconds to be knocked down again with blood covering his body.
Allan Lamar Green is an American professional boxer with a respected boxing record.
He did 39 fights, He won 33 fights (22 by knockout), while he lost 6 fights.
This bodybuilder could have chosen an amateur boxer instead of  a professional one, but he seems to be looking for  a real beating.
Anyway, he got what he was looking for :)
Let's watch the video: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇