The undefeated fighter in boxing in kickboxing Lucia Rijker knocked out by a male fighter Somchai Jaidee.

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The undefeated ''Lady Tyson'' Lucia Rijker knocked out by a male fighter. 

The undefeated fighter in boxing and kickboxing knocked out by a male fighter Somchai Jaidee.

The article today is about an exhibition fight between a male and female, and before we talk about this fight we would first introduce the fighters.

Lucia Rijker is a former boxer and kick-boxer from Netherlands, she was born December 6, 1967 in Amsterdam. She has two nicknames one is the Dutch destroyer and the other is Lady Tyson.

She started her martial arts journey by practicing Judo at the age of 6 years old, and at 15 she started kickboxing

Lucia Rejker was undefeated and holding an impressive kickboxing record of 36 fights, She won 35, 25 by knock out, and one draw, While she had a professional boxing record of 17 fights (17 wins and 14 by knock out)

Her opponent Somchai Jaidee was 21 years old from New Zealand, and his record was 14 fights, he won 13 fights, 9 by knock out and he lost one fight.

Lucia Rejker is undefeated fighter in both kickboxing and boxing, and she was considered as one of the best boxers in the female boxing, but the only fight she lost was against a male opponent Somchai Jaidee who was also an experienced fighter.

This kickboxing fight was held in 1992 and Lucia was 25 years old at the time. We are not sure exactly where did she get the idea to fight and a man! Maybe she was too confident about her self because she destroyed all women who stepped on the ring in front of her.

Lucia did a good first round of this fight, but when the second round started Somchai  succeeded to knock her out by three or four punches.

For those who do not know her well, she did a role of Billie '' The Blue Bear'' in the movie  Million Dollar Baby directed by Clint Eastwood. 

What do you think about this kind of mixed fights? Do you think it is fair to have a fight between a man and a woman?

please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us!

Your opinions matter.

Let's watch this fight.


  1. Weird how this wasn't mentioned, but what were their weights for the fight?

  2. Did you even watch? Rijker is 58kg, Jaidee is 59kg.

  3. Are we sure that was a real female? Shemale?

    1. Yes, we are sure. Lucia is definitely Female and that is not in question.