the most bloody fight between Mamajunas and Vanzant

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 The article today will talk about the violence in the mixed martial arts competition.

The MMA  is very tough competition compared to many martial arts, and there is no doubt about that and most people would agree on that.

Only very brave female competitors will decide to to join the MMA cage, because the safety standards compared are too little compared to other styles such as Taekwondo, Karate, Judo..

There are no  gears to protect the athletes during the fights and also the philosophy of the competition is very different. The athletes of the mixed martial arts do not train to score points but to knock their opponents out or down.

Mixed martial arts athletes come from different styles of martial arts but no style is a complete system, therefore they train other styles to minimize their weakness.

Lets go to the main topic :)

The fight of today is considered one of the bloodiest female fights ever, and it was bloody for one corner only.

Our first fighter is Paige Michelle Vanzant, born March 26, 1994 in the United States. She had a record of 13 fights in mixed martial arts, 8 wins (2 by knock out,  £ by submission, 3 by decision), and she lost 5 fights (3 by submission, 2 by decision).

The other fighter is Rose Namajunas, born June 29, 1992 in USA. She is a black belt in both Taekwondo and Karate.

She has a record of 13 fights in mixed martial arts, 9 wins 

(1 by knock out, 5 by submission, 3 by decision), and 4 losses (1 by knock out, 1 by submission, 2 by decision).

This fight was very tough for both fighters but we can see that namajunas was superior in this fight and Vasant was bleeding a lot.

Vazant succeeded to escape from two hard submissions, but she could not handle anymore in the 5th round when Namajunas managed to perform a rear naked choke.

Do you think this is too bloody for female athletes?

Would you recommend the mma to any of your friends or students?

Let's watch this fight and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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  1. To frame the question as "is this too bloody for female athletes" is extremely sexist on it's face. You would never ask this question of male athletes. These female athletes know what they're signing up for. They train just as hard as male athletes and seek to be the champions of their sport. MMA is safer than football and boxing combined. Everyone bleeds, but not everyone seeks to be the champion of a combat sport. Whoever wrote this needs to adjust their thoughts about female athletes. If they step in the ring, they know why they are there and they know the risks. Don't print sexist questions like the crap in this particular "article".