Never underestimate your opponent

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The article today is about a behavior that fighters should avoid during a real fight.  It is not only required to be physically and mentally prepared for a fight but you should also as a fighter avoid some behaviors that could change the direction of your fight. 

Good fighters can lose their fights only because they underestimate their opponents. Being better than the other fighter can not guarantee the win, and the win would depend on how you deal with the fight in general.

The arrogance would mix up your plan and would turn your strength to weakness.

No matter how strong you are as a fighter, you should always respect your opponents, and never underestimate what they can do.

The fighters in mixed martial arts or Taekwondo work on creating opportunities to score or knock out the other fighters, but sometimes you do not to create one, you just have to take it.

Some fighters would have too much self confidence which can lead to dramatic results, and we have posted about it in a previous post of the fighter dancer who was knocked out after his MJ moves :)

Today our guest is a pro fighter who have enough experience in the mixed martial arts competition.

let's quickly introduce him to you first.

Anderson Da Silva is a Brazilian/American fighter born April 14, 1975 in Brazil.

The spider as they call him has an impressive record in mixed martial arts competition.

Anderson did 45 fights, he won 34 fights including 23 by knock out, 3 by submission and 8 by decision. He lost 10 fights, 3 by knock out, 2 by submission, 4 by decision, 1 by disqualification and 1 no contests.

Anderson was undefeated for eight years since 2006 till this fight where he met Chris Weidman in 2013.

The spider Anderson disrespected Chris too much as he was too arrogant, and was asking Chris to attack him in many occasions, and also he was lowering his guard down and putting his hands on his hips as if he was waiting  in front of an ATM machine :)

Chris took that opportunity and just knocked him out.

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about this fight and tell us what do you think about the behavior of Anderson Silva.

Let's watch the fight.


  1. Standing like that in front of an ATM is also not a good idea.

  2. He deserves the defeat

  3. play stupid games stupid prizes

  4. Great showmanship.. pity it's in the wrong arena.. result'g in backfire..!!! ..wuhuhu..