Is Frank Dux starred by Jean Claude VanDamme Fake???

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 Is Frank Dux starred by Jean Claude VanDamme Fake?
Was ''Blood Sport movie'' based on a fake story of Frank Dux?
the topic today is about a martial art personality that Jean Claude Vandamme played in one of his best movies Blood sport, and lets be clear, the movie was great and was a nice motivation for young athletes, and our article is about the real person that was played in blood sport by Jean Claude Vandamme.
The movie Blood sport was telling a story of a legendary fighter called Frank Dux who competed in a secret championships.

According to Frank Dux, He won a secret martial arts competition in 1975 held in Bahamas each five years. 
The story of Frank Dux was revealed in November 1980 and according to Frank Dux he was the only fighter given the permission to speak in public about the event.
he also holds several world records with a consecutive 56 knockouts and the fastests knockout 0.12 seconds.
Frank Dux mentioned a lot of things that most of us  can not believe.
In 1980 Frank Dux told BLACK BELT that he won 321 fights, lost one, and seven draws,which is too much for any fighter to believe, but after 34 years in 2014 he told XS TV that he retired with a record of 329 wins and zero losses which makes him fall in a big contradiction.

It seems that Frank Dux in the only legendary fighter in the late 20 century who has no visual fight record, and we also do not know the names of any of his opponents.
It seems that Frank Dux is the only person who knows about the secret the Kumite held in 1975.
It's been 45 years since that event happened but still no one else talked about it except the legendary Frank Dux, even wars secrets were revealed but not the Frank's secret kumite...
In a personal opinion Frank Dux have no prove on anything he claimed,and the movie Blood sport gave him too much credit that he did not deserve, and we do not blame Jean Claude Vandamme, but the directors of the movie who believed a lie and made a movie based on it.

Some people believe that this video that was posted online few years back belongs to Frank Dux fights which is not true, because it is for someone else called Phillipe Cadoret, and unfortunately we do not know much about him.

                                                                                       Written by Master S. Elf