A punch after the bell caused drama inside the ring

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                            Andre's uncle punches Jose

            Many coaches would get mad and lose control if their athlete of fighter been kicked or punched after the bell, which  is a normal and an understandable reaction, but What would you do as a coach if your fighter was knocked out after the bell? 

The bell sound is a sign to start the fight or ending it, and  the two fighters are not allowed to start the fight before the first bell, and it is also prohibited to keep fighting after the sound of the second bell in all competitive fighting sports and martial arts.

There are many instructions and rules that make the competition fair for both fighters, and make the fight well organized by limiting the competition in using certain techniques and forbidding others.

The referee in sparring competitions is making sure these instructions are respected, because sometimes the fighters could ignore them or break the rules by mistake.

The topic of today is about a boxing match that went viral.

Let's introduce the two fighters first, then we can move the main the topic.

Andre Dirrell is an American boxer aged of  34 years at the time (born September 7, 1983), His boxing record includes 30 fights (30 wins including 17 knock outs, and three losses).

 José Uzcátegui is a Venezuelan boxer aged of 27 years at the time.

Even if he is seven years younger than Andre, but his record is a big bigger, Jose did 33 fights, He won 29 fights including 24 by knock out, and he lost 4 fights.

Everything seems to be normal till the eightieth round when Jose punched Andre after the bell which caused a knockout.

After that things went out of control and the most shocking act happened when Andre's uncle punched Jose on the face, and that was areal punch..

Andre Dirrel was the winner of this fight because Uzcátegui disqualified for hitting after the bell.

Here the video of Andre's uncle punch:


And if you would like to watch the full fight here is the link:

                                      Full fight video