Ann ''Supergirl'' Jaroonsak

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Muai Thai is a very tough when we compare it to other martial arts, and also it is known for its effectiveness as a street self defense.
Most of famous fighters from Thailand are men, and most of you know the legendary fighter Buwakaw who has a very big impressive fighting record in Muai Thai.
The guest of our article today is a very young female athlete, This beautiful young lady is still studying in high school and aged of 16 years only.
Ann ''Supergirl'' Jaroonsak started training with her sisters under the instruction of her father in a small place in front of their house, then more girls joined them in the training.
You would be astonished if you watch her fights, She is a very strong fighter at that young age (16), and the most amazing part is the way she is using her knees to punish her opponents.
This young teenager seems to have already figured her style of fighting, and you can compare her knee work to other fighters and you would see how wonderful and unique it is.
Anna is a Thailand champion twice (118 Lbs), and even with this light weight she has very effective knee stabs.
I personally do think that Anna with more experience in Muai Thai would have a successful career as a fighter, and with more training of other fighting styles it would be a good choice for her to move to the pro mixed martial arts competition.
She already did an mma debut in her country but it is still early to be a pro, we will see :)
I would also mention that fame at a young age could be the first obstacle in front of any athlete, and being under lights at a young age and at the beginning of the athlete's career could do the opposite of wishes.
Young athletes can not deal with fame as pro athletes do, this is why she would need someone to guide her well, so that she can focus more on her training and also studies.