Impressive Taekwondo fighter vs a very experienced Kick-boxer

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The fights between different styles is always a debate in martial arts societies, because everyone is defending their martial art and everyone want to prove their style is better.

The tradition Taekwondo is a real martial art that can be effective if used against other styles, but we wont say it is better than other martial arts, and it is always the fighter who would give a good or a bad image  to the fighting art. 

We came across an interesting video that  shows the impressive techniques of Taekwondo.

This is probably one of the best fights i ever watched between Taekwondo against other fighting styles.

This fight was during one of the well known hard competitions in the world which is K1 fight.

K1 competition is a new competition held and founded in japan between 1993 and 1994 by the Japanese Kazuyoshi Ishii.

This fight was between Serkan Yilmaz and Taishin Kohiruimaki was held February 2, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

Serkan is a Taekwondo practitioner from Turkey, born May 11, 1975,and known as the Turkish Samurai and the Turkish wonder kicker.

Taishin is a Japanese born November 11, 1977, and had a very impressive record in kickboxing even though his background was Karate. He did a total of 62 fights, he won 40 fights (25 by knock out), he lost 20 fights (7 by knock outs), 2 draws.

What makes this fight different than other fights that we posted in the last articles?

This competition attract only the elite fighters in the world, and most importantly the Japanese fighter is a very experienced fighter.

The Turkish fighter Serkan did show off very nice Taekwondo skills especially the back kicks and spinning back kicks and succeeded several times to hit the head of the Japanese fighter.

Serkan did not only use his Taekwondo skills but also used his kickboxing background training and managed to do many successful punches to the head of Taishin.

The Japanese tried to come back in this fight but it was too late and the Turkish Serkan won this fight and it was not an easy win.

Lets watch this fight and feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.

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Click here to watch the fight

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