Can a knockout happen in one second???

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 Knockout in 1,1 second.

The knockouts and knock downs are still happening in martial arts fights, especially in the styles where fighters are not wearing enough gears for protection.

Taekwondo sparring competitions have less knockouts and knock downs compared to other fighting styles, and this happened because of many factors including the gears that athletes wear for sparring.

Some fights end up by knock outs when there is a huge gap between the fighters or when the fighters get too tired which makes the effect of any punch or kick higher, and sometimes the knockout can happen by a lucky attack.

Sometimes the audience can be disappointed when a knockout happens so early in a fight, and they feel like they have been tricked to pay a lot of money for very little time of watching. 

In the video of today you will see one of fastest knockouts ever.

This fight ended up in a very short time, and the knockout happened only in 1,1 second () , which is unbelievable time in all fighting competitions.

The fighter wearing the blue succeeded to knockout his opponent by a roundhouse kick to his opponent shin.

It looks like the blue corner moved toward his opponent just to receive that kick without any protection.

When we look at both fighters we will notice the huge difference between their bodies, and it seems like there is a weight difference between them, and the fighter wearing the blue seems to be heavier than the other fighter who looks skinny.

Do you think that the fighters should be fighting in different divisions?

Watch the fight and please let us know what do you think about this fast knockout, and if you have any video of fast knock outs, feel free to share them with us.