Shannon Lee, Daughter of Bruce Lee

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Shannon Lee is the daughter of the legendary icon or martial arts Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadewell. 

She was only 4 years when her father Lee passed away, that means that she did not have a chance to train under her father, but she was lucky to have the genetics of this impressive martial artist.

Shannon is the youngest sister of Brandon Lee who passed away in 1993.

She started training Jeet Kun Do under a student of her father master Richard Bustilo.

Shannon took the training seriously when was in her twenties and the main reason was movies. She trained to be good for her filming projects, 

She trained Taekwondo under master Dung Doa Ling, Jeet Kune Do under master Ted Wong and Wushu under master Eric Chen.

One of her best appearance was in the film Enter The Eagle and fought against the great champion Benny Urquidez who taught her Kick Boxing  

Shannon Lee did only 8 movies and worked in 5 television shows. 

Shannon did not train much as many would expect from a daughter of the legend Bruce Lee, and everyone is free to have any choice.

Even if her training was not serious as many of us would imagine, Shannon has some good skills in martial arts and she is also flexible as many of her pictures and movie scenes show.

Many people in martial arts do not know about Shannon Lee as an actress maybe because she did not have a big touch in martial arts movies.

Here is a small footage of Shannon fights in her martial arts movies.


  1. She seems really good, but in comparison to her dad and brother Brandon, she doesn't seem as fast and her moves do not seem as effortless. as they were.

  2. Buena la hoja solo esperamos qué lo qué se ve sea real

  3. Well she trying her best at least. Like father like. Daughter

  4. We have to give her a credit, she is remembering her father. She is not fast or stronger like Bruce,but she is a nice looking gal.