Knockouts in Taekwondo

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Knockouts and knock downs are happening when the impact is too strong, and it is happening most of the time when there is a big difference between fighters levels.

Nowadays we can see knockouts and knock downs only in few martial arts competitions, such as MMA competition, Muai Tai, Kick boxing and boxing.

The competition in many fighting styles changed a lot because of many reasons.  

Taekwondo competition has changed a lot when Taekwondo became an Olympic sport, and also adding more gears to the game decreased the effect of kicks. The fighter before were allowed to compete in kyorugi without socks and we do know how painful it is to be kicked by bare feet.

Bare feet kicks can cause more damage and the socks are making the kicks softer and decrease the impact (shock)

The athletes in some martial arts focus in their training on the skills that would help them to finish the fight as soon as possible, and their training is mainly composed of explosive training drills.

Nowadays Taekwondo athletes are training to improve their skills in order to score more points in sparring, that was not the same thing a long time ago, and only the old generation especially those who competed during the old days know what i mean here :)

Some practitioners prefer to see no knock outs or knock downs in martial arts competitions, and they see safety as a priority in these competitions, while others are old fashioned, and they like to see martial arts in their old fashion way.

Please share your opinion with us and let us know what do you prefer? martial arts with KOs and KDs or a clean fights that end up by points? :)

We have here  a small video containing 14 knockouts, most of them are from the mixed martial arts competitions.

let's watch :)

    or here


  1. As a nurse who works with people with brain injuries, and TKD school owner, I have extensive experience with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) which comes from multiple head hits and knock outs. These can lead to permanent brain damage, early onset dementia, and severe medical problems. I am wholeheartedly against knock outs! We train for cumulative point sparring.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion

    2. Point sparring does no good in real life. You’re in the wrong sport try baking or something else if you want to be safe.

    3. I agree. We live in a time when brute force does not lead to leadership or other important roles or jobs. Serious injuries actually handicap people that might otherwise have a successful life. Self defense is helpful and important, but not on the mat.

    4. I wanna be a living mannequin for woman who practice Taekwondo

  2. There are far less head trauma injuries from TKD and Martial Arts in general compared to many other sports. If you change the kicking and striking styles then you no longer have real TKD. It will become a soft game instead of a martial art. If you train people this way then when it really matters in a self defence situation they will no longer have the power and reflex to react. Don't become a Nanny sport!

    1. I cam up the hard way; 10 plus lots of cracked or broken ribs by the time I got to BB. (I learnt to block or get out of the way and counter ) "Sport TKD" is not a complete Martial Art. Please understand what you are taking on, and or learning.