The fastest and only Olympic heavyweight final that ended up by a knockout

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  The shortest and only Olympic heavy weight fight that ended by a knock out

   Back to Athens Olympic Taekwondo Games that was held in 2004, The South Korean martial art was still keeping some kyorugy tradition, and it was tougher than what we see today.
We are not trying to attack the new style of kyorugi or judge it, but we would like to inform the new generation that Taekwondo competition was a bit scary than nowadays, especially in heavy weight categories.
The training during those days was focusing on the skill and power, and even light weight fighters can have very strong kicks.
Nowadays, the heavy weight fights never end up by knockouts or knock downs, maybe because the athletes were trained to score points, and the training intensity is based on the amount needed to score on the electronic system.
Let's go back to our main topic :)
In 2004 the scoring system was not electronic and scoring was based on the sound of the kicks impact and the referees were responsible 100% about scoring points.
The heavy weight final fight (- 80 kg) was between Alexandros Nikolaidis (Greek) and Moon Dae-Sung (Korea).
During the beginning of the first round, Alexandros was the one taking the initiative and attacking by a 360 degree kick and kept attacking while Dae-Sung was moving back and avoiding the furious Alexandros but Da Sun succeeded to score one point.
Moon Dae Sun was waiting for the right opportunity to stop this hard fight against the Greece champion, and after one min and 50 seconds Moon made a good end for this fight when he performed a spinning back kick (Mondolychagi) to the head of Alexandros who fell on the sparring mat.
This is maybe the only Olympic FINAL fight that ended in this short time and also by a knock out.
Alexandros competed in the next Olympic games that was held in Beijing 2008, and he won another silver medal when he lost the final against the other Korean Cha Dong-Min. Alexandros seems to be unlucky with the Korean fighters.