Why athletes move to MMA

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Many martial artists leave their styles and move to the mixed martial arts competition for many reasons. There are many athletes who moved to MMA from Taekwondo, BJJ, Muai Thai and different fighting styles.

It is clear for many people why they move to that tough competition, but most would agree that is worth :)
MMA competition is money, fame and a good retirement, beside the good beating up of course. 
The problem is our traditional martial arts is that most competitors do not make enough money for their retirement, They are financially sponsored on in their competitive period, but after that it is their mission to do something else that would provide a good relaxing living.. Some would stick on their martial art or sport, and they could open martial arts schools. 

Athletes no matter what style they do should never miss good opportunities to have a stable living, because the competitive period will have an end by age or injury.
Our athlete today is nicknamed Rowdy, she got that name from the Canadian World Champion Roddy Piper, She is one of the famous super stars of the mixed martial arts female competitions.
Before moving to MMA competition, Ronda Jean Rousey was a already a high level Judo athlete and she was the first American female to win an Olympic medal in Judo, She won a bronze medal (70 kg) at the Beijing Olympic games  held in 2008 and She was 21 years old at the time.
and before that she won a bronze medal in Pan American Championships:

Gold medal in 2004 Isla Margarita, Gold medal 2005 Caguas, Silver in Buenos Aires 2006 and Bronze in Montreal 2007, also a gold medal in Rio De Janero 2007 and a silver medal in the World Championships in Rio De Janero 2007.
Ronda's mother was also an impressive athlete as she was also the first American to win a  gold medal in the Judo world Championships in 1984, three years before Ronda was born (1987) :)
Ronda retired so early from Judo competition at the age of 21 years old and decided to more to compete in MMA, and she made her debut in 2010.

Rounda Rousey has an impressive record in mixed martial arts, She had 14 fights, she won 12 fights, three by knock out, nine by submission and she lost two.
why do you think move to the mma competition?
Feel free to share your opinions with us :)

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