A nerdy girl overpowering Muay Thai male coaches

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As a newbie how they treated  when you show up in a martial arts school?
A fight match between a female and male is always seen by many people as an unfair sparring, simply because the abilities if the two different genders can not be compared, and the women is softer and weaker than the man, and is very hard to change that fact.
Women with proper training can reach high levels and can even be challenging men, but those are only exceptions and we can not claim that all women can reach high levels in sports or martial arts.

Men have muscle mass much more than women except those who use the growth hormones, which is a dangerous thing for human body (men and women).
What about martial arts? Can the rule be different here? Can the women reach men's level or even higher?
Martial arts could be sometimes an exception, and sometimes female can be trained well and they can be real challenger for men, and even in many fighting styles women can be good training partners.
maybe some of you have watched a sparring between a male and a female before, and have witnessed a girl winning against a boy :) some men would see that as an insult to men, and women would see it as a big win.
When a female beats up a male, it does not always mean that the male was too weak, lets say it the comfortable way and say that the woman was too strong (problem resolved :))))) )

We came across this video and we thought to share it with you in this article.
This female trained for six years and became a pro Muay champion (30 years at the time) and she represents Malaysia in international competitions.
A local martial arts gym planned to prank their Muay Thai instructors :)
Germaine Yeap entered the gym  and pretended to be a newbie, and she tried to show them that she can not punch or kick properly, maybe they were convinced :)
In the ring she turned from that weak nerdy girl to a pro Muai Thai fighter.
It does not matter much if this is a real prank or a made up prank, We do believe that women can be strong fighters and good challengers for even men.

Feel free to share your opinions with us, and tell us what do you think about mixed fights (male vs female)
lets watch this fight between Germaine Yeap vs two male Muai Thai instructors: