The age and the physical performance

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The physical performance of people naturally drops down when they get older, that is the rule of the nature, but we should believe that martial arts training can help us to look younger than our real age, and also our performance would be better than people who are the same age like us.
Most people retire from physical activities when they reach a certain age, and thinking that what they did in the past is enough, but the right thing is that the physical activity should not stop but it should be done with the consideration of changes, such as previous injuries. therefore the intensity should be lower than what it used to be. 

Ignoring the age factor can cause serious injuries, because the body can not handle that big stress. 
The muscle growth decreases with the age, and the joints could be damaged (Not everyone), therefore it would be a punishment to force the body to perform some exercises or techniques.
The good news is that people can decrease the damage caused by age, and following a good lifestyle including the nutrition, rest, stress free, and exercising would keep your body in a good shape and health.

Exercising would make your joints stronger, and would help you to save some muscles.
People have the choice to be where they want to be, a healthy person or an old person in everything.
Be the person they describe as: you age beautifully :)
We have found a video about an old boxing man challenged by his student.

The student was strong and tall and in a good shape, and the old man looks like a very ordinary old man and nothing special :)
The surprise was that the old man almost knocked down that young boxer, the young man could not handle the punches he got.

Unfortunately we do not know who is that man and his real age, but he looks old though.
this is a lesson that age does not always mean that you are getting weaker.

                                              Master ELFO