Never underestimate female fighters

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We have posted some articles before about fights that include a male fighter and a female fighter, and according to the comments we have seen that some people still do not believe that women are strong, and they sometimes can beat men.
the physical differences between men and women are a lot, including the size and density of bones (men bones are stronger and bigger),  Longer arms and legs, the percentage of muscles in men body is much more than the muscles in women body ..

The training can make big change in every individual body, and it can turn weakness to power.
The martial arts training can be one of the best choices for women, that kind of training is developing the physical abilities and the fighting techniques and skills.
Most of the articles that we have posted about male/female sparring were about the striking fighting styles, such as Taekwondo or kick boxing.
In martial arts the techniques and skills sometimes can win against muscles, therefore women fighters can be on the same par as men :), 
Women are not weak as many people would think, even women think they are not strong  but this is not true, and even with the physical differences, women still can do impressive progress if they had the will and the courage to do that.
The same thing also go for men, if they do not train and with a lazy lifestyle they can also be soft :)
It is you who decides who and how you want to be, a strong or a soft person.
 ''You put water in the cup it becomes the cup'' as Bruce lee said.
This quote as it goes for the fighting styles it also can go for the choices we do in life, and it is not logical to be lazy and never exercise and to expect to be a strong person.

This bodybuilding behavior was strange, he entered the Dojo and he pretended to apologize from the master and he seemed to have other plans in his head after he hit the master on his head.
The master punished him first then allowed a female student to fight against him.
The strange guy is a bodybuilder and his shape and muscles say that he is dealing with heavy weights in the gym and could also be juicing :) (using growth hormone) .
If we want to compare between this little girl and this big bodybuilder, we would give the win and superiority to this jacked bodybuilder, but the skills and good techniques can prove us wrong when it comes to the martial arts fights.
This girl with a nice wrestling skill have succeeded to put this bodybuilder to sleep, that is a shame honestly that his muscles did not save him from this girl.

The beating looks so real in this video and for those who think this could be a made up show, you can watch again the video and see how much beating this bodybuilder got, painful to watch :)
PS; This post is not a promotion for Jujitsu but it is more about what women can do and what level they can reach no matter what style or sports they do.
Lets watch this video.



  1. Fake. How desperate do you have to be to push your agenda with staged fights?

    1. So would you accept to be slapped like that for a staged fight?
      And which agenda? We are a Taekwondo website not a bjj one.

  2. Right... Not fake... Did you see the body builders youtube? He goes into places looking to get beat up. Girl has got skills but don't insult her with this joker.

  3. Disgusting; Coming into a new dojo and assaulting the sensei Deserved all he got.

  4. HMMMMMMM good u tube type video, girl looks tough, however it is camera motivated.