Can Olympic Taekwondo be used in MMA?

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Is it logical to send Olympic Taekwondo stylists to fight in the mma cages?
The Olympic fighters focus more on scoring which will not work in a real fight or lets say in an mma fight, because it is not about points but about knocking the opponent down or out or make them surrender.
There is no chance for light kicks or fencing kicks or  those kicks with no effect to make you win a fight.

it is shameful that the Taekwondo black belt in many places in the world became only a certificate.
Earning a black belt in a short time and feeling proud to hang that certificate at home is a good thing, but the best thing is to deserve it and deserving that honor, and it would be even better if you should be able to prove you are a black belt if you had to.
There are many Taekwondo athletes who moved to fight in the mixed martial arts cage, and many of them proved that they are real warriors too.
Taekwondo is a very effective martial art and it would be very useful in mma fights, but the thing is that schools are teaching different Taekwondo.
those schools that focus on the Olympic Taekwondo style do not prepare their athletes to be killers in fights :), they make them fighters the way that the World Taekwondo Federation wants to see.

The other schools that teach the traditional style of Taekwondo  teach their students the techniques of the real art of kicking.
The article of today is about an mma fight between a Taekwondo Black belt and a Bjj brown belt.
We can see that Taekwondo fighter was throwing light kicks that would have no effect even if they can reach the target, and we still can figure out that he is using the Olympic Taekwondo style.
The other fighter (Bjj) knows well why he is there and he was ready to use his style because it is what he knows better, and he succeeded to grab the Taekwondo fighter and put him down and started punching him on the face till the referee stopped the fight.

We are not trying to attack the Olympic Taekwondo but we are wondering if it is a good decision to go to mma competition and using this style.
Please feel free to share your opinions with us about this fight.

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