Jet Li competition 1978

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Most well known martial arts stars were practitioners and competitors when they were you and before moving to cinema and movies.
They choose to show their impressive talents on the screen instead of the championships.
The cinema field is not an easy choice and it requires a very hard work and commitment to achieve the goals.

Movies are entertaining people and also inspiring people and most importantly inspiring the young generations to love martial arts and practice them.
on the previous posts we had an article talking about the competitive period of the Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme when he was practicing Karate as a teen, and today we would have another guest and another different style.
The guest of this article is a well known actor in martial arts movies, He is a Wushu practitioner and artist.
Jet Li was born in Beijing (China) in 1963, and was the youngest in the family.

 The family lived poverty because their father died when Jet Li was only two years.
Jet Li practiced the Kung Fu Wushu when he was young and he competed in non sparring competitions or the forms, In some kung Fu styles they call them Taos  (Poomsae in Taekwondo, Kata in Karate).
Jet Li had an impressive skill that attract the audience and he was selected to be a member in the Beijing Wushu Team, an d they competed in the National Chinese championship.
Jet Li was lucky t have the support two of his coaches who supported financially his family even to buy food.

Jet li was competing against adult competitors and because he was very talented he won fifteen gold medals and one silver in the Chinese Wushu Championships.
Jet Li retired so early from competition ar the age of nineteen and moved to cinema and made his debut in Shaolin temple in 1982 and it was one of his best movies.
We have found a rare video of Jet Li during a National Championships of Kung Fu Wushu in China.
This Wushu Championships was held in 1978 when Jet Li was only 15 years old.