Chinese masters are not allowed to use ''Master'' anymore

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 Martial artists in china are not allowed anymore to use the nickname ''master'' 

I think that most of you have heard about the challenges between modern styles and traditional Chinese styles, and the organized fights to expose the Chinese masters and the fake traditional martial arts.
Those fights in general were between mixed martial arts or boxing as modern fighting styles and Wing Chun or Tai Chi as traditional Chinese styles.
Most those masters who represented the traditional Chinese styles were knocked out in few seconds, which destroys that great image about those martial arts.
Most us have watched the Chinese movies of kung fu, Tai Chi or wing Chun, and we were amazed by the skills and super powers those masters on the films had. We used to see them undefeated and it requires a lot hard work and suffering to be able to stand and fight against them.
The reputation of the traditional styles is also a reputation of China its self, because it is the country's culture heritage and Chinese people consider it as a treasure.
After these fights and challenges appeared on the social media, The Chinese tradition is losing its shining image.
the most known fighter who exposed thos fake masters was Xu Xiaodong, His in an mma coach.
Xu became a  target of the Chinese Wushu Association and also the Chinese Government, we heard that he also had issues to use the social media and was de-platformed from those social media websites.
The Chinese Wushu Association made a decree that  could be seen weird by martial artists, This decree will not permit for Chinese martial artists to use ''Master'' as an advertisement for them or their activities.
It seems that the leaders of the traditional Chinese martial arts in the Wushu Association are not happy to see those calling them selves masters beaten in few seconds by amateur practitioners of modern fighting styles like boxing or mixed martial arts.
I personally think that the solution is not to forbid the use of ''Master'' but they should control the way those people get their certificates, it would be the same for other martial arts too, including our martial art Taekwondo where we can find high ranked ''masters'' with no skills... 


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  2. Surely someone can be a master of their chosen martial art even though not all martial arts are equal. Kinda stupid putting a tai chi master against a mma fighter , its kinda like putting a chess master in fight, yeah sure one is a martial art but its still just about the moves.