Billy Blanks vs Larry Kelley KO karate fight

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The martial arts personality of today is a very athletic person, and known to be the founder of the fitness training called Taebo.
In my personal opinion i think he is one of those people who age fast, and he does not show signs of getting old.
He is in mid sixties now but still looking in a good shape, and still moving like a young man in his twenties.

billy Blanks was born in 1955 in the United States, and he comes from a big family of fifteen children :)
Billy Blanks started practicing martial arts at the age of eleven and his first styles were Karate and Taekwondo.
The strange thing is that billy was born with some hip anomaly and his instructors did not believe ho could achieve anything martial arts, which is a bit logical.
Before movies to movies Billy worked as a body guard for a movie star and later he succeeded to have a carrier in cinema and he worked in about twenty four movies and many television shows.

In early eighties Billy Blanks invented a workout that he called Taebo, it was composed of  martial arts techniques and boxing training.
Tae comes from the Korean martial art Taekwondo while Bo is from the noble art of Boxing.
Billy opened his first fitness studio and started teaching his sport there and later he recorded his video training and sold them, later he became the popular Billy Blanks that we know today.
We have found rare videos of Billy Blanks when he was competing, but there is  one video of Billy being knocked down, and we thought to share it with you.

Billy was doing a great leg work and also had a  nice speed when attacking, but unfortunately he was knocked out by Larry Kelley at the end of the fight.