Who is Bianca JCVD

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Who is Bianca Jean Claude Van Damme?
Most of you already would have a guess from the family name mentioned.
Bianca Brigitte VanDamme is the daughter of the famous actor Jean Claude van Damme. 
Bianca was born in 1990 and since she was familiar with filming since she was a little kid, and was watching her father Jean Claude Van Damme making his martial arts films.
Bianca is a very flexible and athletic female like her father and also fit like her mother Gladys Portugues, the ex wife of Jean Claude Van Damme who was a former professional bodybuilder and was one of the top 10 athletes in the Ms Olympia contest for two time.
Since a young age she trained karate and kickboxing, and also ballet, and maybe this is what made her flexibility so impressive besides her her father genetics too. 
Later she became a competitor in skating and she had big dreams till she moved with her parents to Canada. She had two injuries which made her step away from the competition.
Bianca did learn the art of acting then she joined the big world of the cinema.
She is not a very known actress in the business, She started in films since 2008 and she worked in about ten films.
Bianca at thirty years old did not reach that fame as her father, even if jean Claude Van damme struggled a lot in the beginning and faced a lot of obstacles before being a famous actor, and he had to leave his home country Belgium and move to the United States with his Moroccan friend Qissi.
Jean Claude did great movies during the gold era of martial arts movies, and the films were a source inspiration and motivation for martial arts practitioners.
Bianca is still young to show more of her talent in Cinema