How do you manage your anger?

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People practice martial arts not only to be physically fit and for other reasons.
many people from different ages suffer from tantrums which can cause a lot of problems especially for adult people.
A person who can not control their anger can destroy their life in few minutes.
Anger can transform a person from good to extreme bad, and it would look like the person put a mask of a devil.
People can destroy their personal life, family and work just because they can not control their emotions.
Some people would look for medical prescriptions from doctors, in order to fix their anger issues.
There are antidepressant medicament that help these type of patients to calm down and control those negative emotions.
So what if we can fix that serious issue naturally?
Some studies that exercising is able to reduce the anger, by getting rid of that explosive energy boiling inside.
The emotion of anger is a response to a treat or attack from someone or something, but people react differently, some people manage to have a good calm response while others just explode.
Martial arts can help people to treat this issue without using any kind of medication.
Kicking or punching can help the body to get rid of that negative energy, those exercises would make the body tired which also push the body to calm down.
According to what we said martial artists supposed to be more calm than anyone else, but sometimes there are exceptions.
We came across a video of martial arts class  where two guys were doing a king of self defense in front of the camera. 
This guy who wanted to demonstrate a self defense technique got angry because the other guy was not helpful enough to make the application of that technique possible :)
This could be a made up video and also can be real.
What would you do if your student was trying to make your technique application fail?
Feel free to share your thoughts with with us.


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