Why did he leave Taekwondo??

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Before we start the topic we should mention that we are discussing the video in a martial arts technical way and we have nothing against the YouTube author in person.
W have written a small article about his opinion accompanied with  one of his videos explaining why he left Taekwondo, and of course everyone is free to leave any fighting style and also free to follow any martial art they want.

and he may be right in some  points and wrong in others.
We have posted a video last time about this master who explained why he left Taekwondo according to his reasons.
                   Picture from YouTube 

 In the  video he is making a tutorial about round house kick and hook kick.
In the video number one he is showing how to perform a round house kick, but if we watch the direction of his kick knowing that he is facing the camera as the imaginary opponent, we can see that he is kicking another direction, and the placement of the knee, hip and shoulder are forming a triangle (as we can see on the picture above).

This post is not to attack his ideas or thoughts but it is only an opinion.
please watch the video and feel free to show your opinion.

In the second video he is making a tutorial about what we call Apchagi in Taekwondo (front kick), and we can see how he is performing the fron kick by using the front leg, and the thing is that he is throwing his body in front of his imaginary opponent, while the right thing is that after any kick you should place your

body in a good position to be able to give a response to any threatening attack from your opponent, also the practitioner should not put all his weight on the kicking leg or foot as he was doing on the video.
lets watch the video and feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.