Taekwondo techniques in MMA

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Taekwondo was and will be one of the best martial arts ever, it does not matter the change happening by the WT, because many schools are still teaching the tough Korean martial art.

Taekwondo brought many impressive kicking techniques to the martial arts community, and many fighters are borrowing techniques to use them in MMA or UFC, and there are many fighters who moved from Taekwondo to MMA and they have succeeded to use those techniques in the fights, which make a big difference.
This video is showing the use of Taekwondo techniques in MMA, and the beauty of those techniques is really amazing.

The objective of Taekwondo techniques in Mixed martial arts is not to score points but to cause knockouts or knockdowns.
Using the Korean martial art in MMA is a good answer to those people who say that Taekwondo is ballet or a weak sport.
In the next posts we are going to talk about few examples who moved from Taekwondo to MMA.

lets watch this video