The old version Koryo poomsae

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Most taekwondo practiionners do not know or even have not heard about the original Koryo poomsae.

The old version Koryo poomsae was different and the new one brought some challenging techniques.
The grand masters who developped the Kukki  Koryo from different kwans are:
Keun Sik Kwak (Chung Do Kwan), Young Sup Lee (Song Moo Kwan), Kyo Yoon Lee (Han Moo Kwan), Hae Man Park (Chung Do Kwan), Jong Myung Hyun (Oh Do Kwan), Soon Bae Kim (Chang Moo Kwan) and Chong Woo Lee (Ji Do Kwan) with the addition of Young Ki Bae (Ji Do Kwan) and Young Tae Han (Moo Duk Kwan).

The poomsae changes  happened in 1972 not only in Koryo but also the palgwe that turned to be Taegeuk.
Here is the old version Koryo poomsae as it was practiced before 1972.


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