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Master Dae Sung Lee is an American citizen living in China now, He was an Olympic coach for the United States Taekwondo team and also the Chinese Taekwondo teams, and earned many medaals and awards.
Master Lee started a blowing mind training program with his business partner Michael Huang, This program makes is possible to earn the first Dan black belt of Taekwondo in 12 weeks.

Master Lee's school is in University Town just outside of Chongqing.
According to master Lee the charge of this 12 weeks black belt program would coast 4500 US $, and the training will be 6 hours a day, in the morning from 9 am to 12 am, and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Total of hours would be around 500 hours, and if we make mathematics the normal students can do 500 classes in about three years and half if they do three classes a week.
but we honestly do not think that three months can make a black belt, and it really does not matter if they get the master's certificate or the kukkiwon first Dan certificate, these students would just beginners in my opinion, because in my martial arts philosophy we can not squeeze the period of learning.

This thing can remind you about the matrix film, where the hero needs programs to be put in his memory to master martial arts styles.
We have here the Cv of grand master Lee is really impressive, but do you think that his idea to promote black belts this way is a correct thing?

Competitive Taekwondo career:
Lee is a nine-time US National Champion (1979–1987), a 10-time US National Team Member (1979–1987, 1989), and has won medals at the World Taekwondo Championships, World Games, International Collegiate Taekwondo Championships, Pan American Games, and Pan American Taekwondo Championships. His competition record includes:
1989: US Taekwondo Team Trials (Fin): gold
1988: US Taekwondo Team Trials (Fin): silver

1987: World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): bronze; Pan American Games (Fin): gold; US Taekwondo Team Trials (Fin): gold; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold[2]
1986: World Cup Taekwondo Championships (Fin): bronze; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold
1985: World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): silver; World Games Taekwondo (Fin): bronze; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold
1984: Pan American Taekwondo Championships (Fly): gold; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fly): gold
1983: International Collegiate Taekwondo Championships (Fin): gold; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold
1982: Pan American Taekwondo Championships (Fin): gold; World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): bronze; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold
1981: World Games Taekwondo (Fin): silver; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold[3]
1980: AAU Tae Kwon Do National Championships (Fin): gold[4]

1979: World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): bronze; US Taekwondo National Championships (Fin): gold
1977: US Taekwondo National Championships (Fly): bronze.
The source:

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about this.


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  1. The proof is in the pudding. Compare the quality of a group of his black belts against the quality of 1st degree black belts in another large school. I am not for or against his method as I have not been exposed to it.

  2. I agree with his 12 weeks program to get a 1st Dan Black belt. But not 100% effective to be a better fighter compare to 3 yrs in training with lots of exposure in competitions and extra drive(efforts) in training outside the dojang.

  3. I see that basically is a new way to get easy money from stupid people who want to earn a Black Belt as soon as possible...been a good competitor doesn't mean You are a good sabummin...and You show that doing this...come on...stop stealing money lying people with this "method"

    1. Agreed. How many people - even young athletes can go 5-6 hours full steam for 12 weeks without injury? I don’t care how many medals master Lee has. But his $4,000 course should earn him triple gold. lol Shameful!

  4. Please don't forget that the body is changing when you train 3 years for your first Dan. Issues like muscles power , flexibility, perfection movement...impossible
    To do in 12 weeks! Makes bad name for the art of taekwondo

  5. This is a stupid idea. Just another scam to make more money. Go drive Uber.

  6. You can't you might be able to learn the forms in 12 weeks that can be done Yes I won't argue that back mentally physical strengths mental concentration flexing ability none of that can be achieved it does take if you work hard four five times a week it could be 2 years I have 46 years on and off I owned a school for 12 years I work for WTMU Illinois state representative and kukkiwon I won't argue the fact you can learn your 12 weeks all the forms to get your black belt Yes I won't argue that you can learn the forms but you will never be mentally a black belt

  7. I think I could bring someone up to black belt In 12 or 13 months but not 12 weeks

  8. 12 weeks u can teach but not having it..

  9. For me 2 years is a minimum requirement for my students to earn their 1st dan blacbelt. If they religiously doing their job in reporting to my dojang, maximum is 3 years

  10. This just a wet paper that you get to fill proud yourself and be a fake. Also you are scam by 4500$. You will learn something, but just theoretically, that is impossible to develop muscle memory and correct position in just that time. Maybe can match 3 years of training but you don’t just train 3 years you also train go home keep thinking and settle knowledge, that don’t happen at all in 3 months. Anyway is easy to see who knows and who doesn’t