This would be the best news for athletes with torn ACL (Ligament)

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ACL injuries are happening a lot in many sports and martial arts including Taekwondo, some of those injuries can be simple but others can be serious like the complete tear of the ligaments.

Tears do not happen because of simple movements but they happen when the movement takes the knee outside the normal range of motion.
The normal treatment of torn ligament requires a surgery to replace the torn ACL, It works by taking a ligament from somewhere in the knee and replace the damaged one. the recovery from this takes up to 6 months and sometimes more for some people to go back to normal activities previous the injury.
The big topic for today is: what if they can make the ligament heals its self?

That would be really to come true for many athletes, because this would decrease the recovery time and be able to go back to your normal training routine.
The new solution that we hope to see happening soon is called Bridge_Enhanced ACL Repair, and the Doctor Martha Murray is leading the search in Boston Children Hospital is explaining how it will be done.

If you have heard about this study please feel to share that with us.
Be healthy everyone :)
Lets watch the video.