A Martial arts lesson goes wrong

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A Martial arts lesson goes wrong.

In most martial arts the demonstration of the techniques can be dangerous or at least contain some risk of injury or even worst.

Masters should pay attention when they apply techniques on their students, and they have have more control on the strength they are using, because the student or the partner would not be attacking the master seriously as in a real fight, and also the student would let the master perform his technique without a real  resistance.
In many martial arts studios or schools, many accidents happen during the lessons especially when the master has no real control on his strength.

In this video, this jujitsu instructor is applying a choke on his student using the kimono (uniform), and it seems that the poor student did not have the chance to use the tap because he was fell already asleep in about 10 seconds.
The master did not even pay attention till the student showed no control on his body when he fell.


  1. I was taught a variation of this at judo but uki's left arm is not pinned by tori's. It was under tori's left armpit/shoulder and resulted in an arm lock to go along with the choke and pushing with the left foot on the inside of uki's right leg. Three submission holds in one!

  2. I would only teach other Black Belts that technique ( Carefully ) The smart cheeky ones, I would demonstrate on, . (It didn't matter if they struggled, it still worked, then they really understood how serious it was )