Poomsae from white belt to Black belt (1 - 8) performed by Suji Kang

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The poomsae in taekwondo is a pattern composed of defense and attack, which like fighting against imaginary opponents, but there is of course the application of poomsae that can be done with partners (similar to some other martial arts like Karate)

in the early 70s the Kukkiwon  and the other kwans adopted new poomsaes called Taegeuk, which replaced the old Palgwe poomsaes that were developed by The Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA)
The World taekwondo (WT)competitions use the Taegeuk poomsae with the other black belt poomsaes.
Each Taegeuk form symbolizes a specific state thought to be indicative of the belt the student currently holds, and is represented in WT Taekwondo.

The scheme of Taegeuk poomsae are similar to those found in the four corners of the South Korean flag.
Poomsae 1

Poomsae 2

Poomsae 3

Poomsae 4

Poomsae 5

Poomsae 6

Poomsae 7

Poomsae 8