The first Female Taekwondo Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

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Shortly after the the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea, Kim Tae Yun was born on 2nd February 1946. Kim had a very and life since her childhood and her family abandoned her at the age of 5 when the Korean war started. To imagine being a child in a war environment or bombs and weapons everywhere is just scary.

Kim went to live with her grand parents after the end of the Korean war, and after watching her uncles practicing Taekwondo, Kim started practicing Taekwondo atthe age of 7.
At the age of 22 Kim emigrated to the United States in 1968, and 17 years later She established her Jung SuWon martial arts Academy   in 1985.

Besides being the Founder of her martial art that she named Jung SuWon, Kim is author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Dr Kim was the first grand master of taekwondo, which means that she reached that level even before grand master Mayes who was born in the same year 1946 and only one month younger.
Even later in her life she had to face many challenges that would make her stronger.
Dr Kim Tae Yun founded Jung SuWon in 1989. This art combines between the physical movements of both Tang Soo Do and taekwondo, and it focuses on utilizing the mind, spirit and whole body in every technique.

Dr Kim has a big Cv and you can follow this link if you want to read more about her you can heck her website:
Here is a video of Dr Kim Tae Yun demonstrating her skill in Martial arts.