The oldest competitor grand master

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Lee Kyu Hyun is a very known martial artist in Taekwondo society holding the Kukkiwon 9th Dan, he is over 70 and still a good performer, and still competing in some competitions in Poomsae competitions or in Hanmadang tournaments.

This grand master is a good example of what martial arts can d to our life, and the benefits we can get from the physical practice and good habits.
The new life style full of stress, bad food habits and lack of exercising is affecting the human body in a negative way, and it is a natural result to see that a lot of people over 70 can not take care of their simple needs, because they have lost their normal physical abilities.

Back to grand master Lee Kyu Hyung, some would not like the idea of competing at that age especially with  that high Dan in Taekwondo, but the truth is that people like GM Lee are real living legends that inspire us to be better and to be healthy.
GM Lee Kyu Hyun is now 74 years young  and he was certified as a Kukkiwon 9th Dan in 2012 (at the age of 66).

GM Lee started the competition in the first Hanmadang tournament in 1992 and won the first place in it, and after 20 years he came back to competition.
We can watch this video of kyukpa performed by GM Lee.