The stunt who challenged Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee was and still an icon of martial arts and sports in general, and it does not really matter a lot if he was not the strongest or the invincible, because what he did in martial arts society made his ideas and philosophy kind of eternal, He inspired many people around the world, even outside martial arts styles.

Not all people would believe what they see in cinema films and they are right about that, because the cinema can turn normal actors to real fighters through the special effects or even by the help of stunt doubles.
This is exactly what happened when a stunt man who was working with Sammo Hung at that time doubted the skill and the competence of Bruce Lee,
The stunt man told Bruce Lee that he does not believe that he is that strong as people describe him (in a form of a question) and the stunt added that he does not think so.

Bruce Lee asked him if he wanted to try and the stunt man replied by yes. They were in a hotel room and Bruce lee told him to put pillows on his stomach and chest, after that Bruce lee kicked him by using his famous side kick and made him fly to the bed. that made the stunt show his respect to Bruce Lee.
The witness of this event was the great martial artist and actor Sammo Hung.
The stunt man named Lam Ching Ying was a Hong Kong popular stunt man, actor and martial artist, and he is the type of people who do not believe rumors or what people say, and he needs to see to believe.
Bruce Lee was impressed by the young Lam aged of 19 that time, and hired him as a personal assistant for him.

Later Lam Ching Ying  worked as a co-action choreographer in Bruce Lee movies such as The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Enter the Dragon, Way of the dragon and Game of Death.
The stunt Lam was Born December 27, 1952, British Hong Kong and Died  November 8, 1997, Hong Kong.


  1. Yeah, Bruce is lucky he's not around today or I'd scratch his eyes out!

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  3. Bruce Lee was the real deal. And worked & trained feverously to keep himself in shape. He advanced the martial arts to high plateau of respect that the world holds to esteem. Also, respecting the Chinese culture for bringing this art before us.
    Emmett P. Folley, Jr.